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We are able to tailor our core courses to any additional requirements or specifications that you have.

About Tailored / Niche

We are able to tailor our core courses to any additional requirements or specifications that you have. Below are some of the many ways we have responded to individual client needs to make our core courses have particular added resonance. Speak to one our consultants to explore the process and cost of tailoring our programmes to your requirements.

Making the content relevant to client situations

There are many ways we can do this including; Adapting existing content, for instance, bringing content from two courses together, adding content, lengthening or shortening a course.

Incorporating an existing client framework or value set; Clients sometimes want us to map our structures onto their frameworks, which creates an aligned and layered approach.

Creating client-specific scenarios, sketches or scenes; These can be used in a variety of ways, from ‘Forum Theatre’ to stimulate involvement and ideas, to role plays that are pertinent to participants’ issues, including a client prepared case study or results of an internal employee survey or video. (This would be provided by the client, and increases the resonance).

Adapting the course to different size groups

Each course is designed for a maximum number of participants, but that doesn’t always fit with our clients’ needs. Sometimes we can accommodate an extra person, but when the numbers are higher we can:

Aligning and engaging ahead of the course

We offer a suite of online 360 profiles that participants can complete before attending a course:

We also often include individual or small group phone calls with participants to identify learning objectives and goals, understand their current issues that they want to work on and engage them in the development journey ahead of the course.

We can also incorporate and work with other well-known profiles or psychometrics that the client uses.

Follow through and sustaining the change

Again there are many ways we have worked with clients to support participants practising and embedding new behaviours, and applying their learning in the business.

Post course coaching calls

A way of deepening the learning and supporting the change and activities coming out of the course. 


A 9 week, online goal tracking system.

The system follows up with participants and generates a report on their progress, following the course.


An online album of shots from the event as an aid memoire.

Action sets

Set up support groups to continue the learning.

Award ceremony

On some residential courses we provide an entertaining reward ceremony at the evening meal in which everyone gets an Oscar;

Unlocking Potential

"I love the energy and way of talking about culture and innovation. Very entertaining and truly experts in what they are doing."

Lisa Maurin, Senior Expert Transformation & Change Management T-Systems International

"Absolutely excellent, the best course I have been on ever."

Karen Polly, Key Account Manager Menarini

"It totally exceeded my expectations. Very hands-on with many techniques to help manage the process of presenting. Really like the way the course put the audience at the heart of the presentation."

Rochelle Jayawardena, Centaur Media

"Engage and inspire is a great course, better than any other training course I’ve taken…exceeded my expectations"

Jessica Pruncal, Client Manager GFT

"The trainers were excellent. They handled the group so well with diplomacy, empathy and respect for our opinions. I felt very connected with them which made the course so useful."

Juliet Mather, Recruitment Officer University of Bath

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